We are Northwest Denver’s largest online community for connecting families and sharing resources in the neighborhood! Our children range in age from newborn to school age. We have lots of playgroups and play dates. We are a place to share stories, ask questions and laugh. A place where you can get and give help and support. A place where supporting our children and our community matters!

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The mission of Highlands Mommies is to support the community and the children of Northwest Denver by offering membership to parents who reside within the group’s boundaries (I-25 to Harlan and Colfax to Regis – Denver, Colorado). We strive to support the well-being of families in the community by providing an online forum to share parenting information, make contacts, promote member businesses and interests, and to organize support for neighborhood schools.  We work to strengthen our community by creating and nurturing relationships with local businesses, schools, police, policy leaders, non-profits, and our neighbors through online communications and social events, always with an emphasis on respectful, considerate interactions that may serve as leading examples for our children. Highlands Mommies is an inclusive parenting group that welcomes and respects diversity, with the goal of continually reaching out to under-represented populations in the community, and evolving as necessary to encourage inclusion.

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~ Highlands Mommies - Supporting our Children and our Community ~


We want to give a HUGE thanks to the following women who without them, our brand new web site would not have been possible:

Mary-Frances Main - Widget Inc. – Web site Construction
Jennifer Gauerke - Sour Grapes Design – A full-service graphic design studio
Susan Snipes -  Q Digital Studio – Web Site Hosting
Andrea Flanagan - Andrea Flanagan Photography – Lifestyle Photography
Leanne Silverman – AnderInk - your message… polished

All these women took time out of their already busy schedules to do this on behalf of Highlands Mommies and they did it all for FREE! Our sincerest gratitude!!

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